IVS 200

IVS 200 Traffic light time indicator


The time indicator is intended to inform the road users about the time left before the green or red traffic lights go out (the colour of the indicator's digits is similar to the colour of the traffic light signal).

The indicator consists of a plastic shock-resistant housing with a hinged lid with a light-transmitting sheath and a shock-resistant visor. Electronic display units with a control circuit and power supply are installed inside the housing. For mounting the indicator to the support, brackets and fasteners are included. To connect the indicator to the traffic light, a terminal block is installed in the housing.


  • The indicator housing is made of a shock-resistant polymer material resistant to UV radiation.
  • Absence of blinding effect.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Antivandal protection.
  • Works with any type of controllers.
  • Energy saving. The maximum power consumption is not more than 15 W.
  • Weight not more than 5 kg.


Supply voltage
Frequency of mains, Hz
50 ± 0,5
Maximum power consumption, W
below 15
Degree of protection according to GOST R 60598-1-2003
Protection class against electric shock according to GOST R 60598-1-2003
Light source
Light emitting diodes
Angle of rotation around the vertical axis
above  ± 90°
Operating temperature range, °С
from -40 °С to +40 °С
Relative humidity
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight, kg